And Your Point Is…?

This life.  Beautiful, sweet, terrifying life.   Existence on this planet is almost too weird to be believed, yet here we are, carbon-based meat sacks wandering around pretending we will not some day be gone.  We can mask the knowledge of our mortality or divert our attention to trivial matters, but the reality looms large.  So…what?  For those who do not believe there is a reward after death, what is the fricking point?  Maybe there is no clear point, only a nebulous, frustrating, never-attainable goal.  During our short time here, we can take responsibility for our actions and choose to be compassionate.  We can voice our dissatisfaction with the status quo, live with as small an eco-footprint as possible, and we can be kind.  We can know that we need the help of the collective to make change, but we can be catalysts for that change, by living our values and being positive forces in the world.  Even if we at times despair that we have gone too far down the roads of war, greed, and environmental destruction, we have the choice in every moment of every day to make a difference.  And if, at the end of every day, we can say that we truly tried, that we did our best, maybe that is all that matters.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jason
    Nov 15, 2013 @ 13:58:29

    There is also joy in just being a meat sack!


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