Thank You, Web 2.0

I do not have a clue why I spend any time reading the comments accompanying stories on news sites (for example,  In advance, I know that I will wish to throw my computer through a window in frustration, yet as a train-wreck appearing letter-by-letter on the screen, I must read.  I read on as eloquent messages are paired with (and apparently given equal credence to) rebuttals that might have been authored by the racist family hamster.  Consider the following example:

“The notion that supporters of the Idle No More movement are ‘terrorists’ is absurd.  That a group of people concerned about the quality of the water they drink are vilified while corporations are given carte blanche in the interest of making money is unbelievable.”


REPLY  “Get a job LOL.”


What did I do before the world of intelligent discourse was opened up to me in this way?  I can barely remember the days where I had to worry only about individual journalists advancing corporate ideologies.  Now, I can rest easy knowing that someone who skims the headline of an article on climate change can add at the bottom, “imo climate change is made up by socialists to line they’re pockets” can garner as much attention as the original article.  Don’t worry, I am aware that dissing Web 2.0 in a blog is highly hypocritical, but let’s just say I recognize both the potential and the downside of this medium.  🙂

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