Bringing You Some Cuteness, STAT!

So…I understand my blog is probably not the most cheery place to visit.  TWW comes from my mind, and let’s face it, my mind is not the most cheery place to visit.  In a couple days I was actually about to post the bleakest instalment yet.  Don’t worry; it’s still to come, dear reader!  I just think maybe I’ll wait until the new year when your brain is sluggish from sugar cookies and you think reading TWW is slightly less depressing than looking at your credit card statements.

What made me realize that maybe I should lighten things up was when I talked to my mom yesterday.Image

Lines had been crossed.  I knew that the only thing I could do to bring my mom and you, dear reader, around was to provide you with something light, something to give you a smile.  So here, at last, what you have been waiting for: a live puppy cam.  Enjoy!!/live-cams/player/bergin-university-service-dog-program