Happy February 14th, Weepies!

Awwww…you stopped by to share the love!  Chocolate and declarations and wine and arrows being shot off hither and thither.  I knew you would be here to celebrate TWW’s third month in the world!  Oh special day!

As TWW is poised to begin its fourth month, I would like to say that the wee cyber-infant has had 755 views from 12 countries.

In unrelated news. I have a large and supportive family and my mom was recently diagnosed with tendonitis in her computer mousing finger.

So before you leave me to go out on your dates and get busy Friday-style, I just wanted to thank you for sticking with me for 3 months.  I appreciate having the chance to talk about things that I think are important, and I really appreciate having you here with me.


Do You MoGo?

Hi, treasured reader(s)!

I know things have been a bit quiet lately on the weeping whale front.  Fear not, if you have indeed been afraid!  I am still here!  I am always here, thinking about what I might post that is both blog-worthy and non-alienating.  🙂

Today, I want to check in with you all and see how your new year is going, just over a month in.  Did you accept the MoGo challenge (previously referred to as MOGO)?  Do you not appreciate the MoGo challenge but are doing your own stuff?  Have you done something this year, large or small, that makes you feel as if you are connecting to others and to the environment in a good way?

I would love to hear from you on this!  Please let me know what you have been doing this year to make the world a better place to be!  🙂