Do You MoGo?

Hi, treasured reader(s)!

I know things have been a bit quiet lately on the weeping whale front.  Fear not, if you have indeed been afraid!  I am still here!  I am always here, thinking about what I might post that is both blog-worthy and non-alienating.  🙂

Today, I want to check in with you all and see how your new year is going, just over a month in.  Did you accept the MoGo challenge (previously referred to as MOGO)?  Do you not appreciate the MoGo challenge but are doing your own stuff?  Have you done something this year, large or small, that makes you feel as if you are connecting to others and to the environment in a good way?

I would love to hear from you on this!  Please let me know what you have been doing this year to make the world a better place to be!  🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jason
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 00:41:19

    Not Biting Off More Than You Can Chew! 😉


  2. Jason
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 23:29:35

    I have been practicing MaiGo, which is a lot like MoGo, but slightly less ambitious; it is the art of maintaining the good I’m already doing. (It’s also sometimes called NBOMTYCC.)
    I will continue to look for more ways I can MoGo. It might involve supporting game wardens in Africa who risk their lives to protect endangered wildlife. 😉


    • thewhaleweeps
      Feb 10, 2014 @ 10:24:20

      Not Being Overly Motivate To Yammer on about Climate Change? Now Boasting Of More Things to Consider Charitable? Never Been One Mightily Tied to Yearly Compassionate Contributions?!!!! 😦 I have failed in my quest to solve this enigmatic word puzzle.


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