Happy(?) Rhino Day, Everyone!

rhino calf

Happy World Rhino Day, readers!  In case you’ve ever wondered what a rhino sounds like (and I know I did), imagine a cross between the sound of a dog whining because it can’t quite bury its bone in a couch cushion and the screeee of air escaping from a balloon whose neck you are flattening.  Or the sound of your genus (or at least species) being sent to the soil so that people can pretend your horns are medicinal (though they might as well gnaw on their own fingernails).  Imagine that sound.







Just kidding.  Not about the fingernails and the being killed part, but about the imagining an obscure hybrid sound part.  Here you go, and after you have a listen, why not do something nice for a rhino near or not-so-near you?  #FindYourCity at march4elephantsandrhinos.org  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNCC6ZYI3SI


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