S*@t Ant-Environmentalists Say

It doesn’t matter what environmentalists do; there will always be opportunities to discredit them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that people are concerned about whether I have a job and what I do in my free time; it shows they care, and we can use more compassion in this world.  I just worry that the messages from anti-environmentalists are not always on point, you know?  As a group, you’ve got to get your stories straight and make sure your messages are consistent.  TWW is going to run a series that will hopefully help me help you know why we (environmentalists) can be a bit confused by your arguments.  You’re welcome.



Typical “The Man.”  First we are all uneducated and unbathed and that angers you, but then when we are tearing up Wall Street and littering the sidewalk with diamonds, you are still bitter.  You’ve got to decide who you think we are.