Blossoms and Tomatoes

I hope you don’t think this is lame, but I honestly don’t feel like writing about anything right now. The Orlando shooting, the Yulin dog-eating “festival,” the news that 185 environmental activists were killed last year, the ongoing oil gushers in which corporations don’t even get a slap on the wrist, casual and not-so-casual racism and misogyny, people denying climate change, people killing a shark to take a selfie, the shooting of the Olympic jaguar in Rio, fracking…Is there no limit to how horrible people can be?

At another time, I will (hopefully) be more eloquent. I will be more charitable of heart and mind. I will be able to speak of good things. But given my current mindset, I will stop talking and show you some beautiful things from my garden.  Voila!

apple blossomsgarden 3.JPGgarden 2.JPG

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